About Innouts

Innouts is a fan-driven football community, bringing you top football transfers, non-trivial football rumours, latest football bulletins and more. You can indicate which players you want your team to sign or sell in a transfer window, see if others think the same or not, rate players, managers, latest transfers and much more. There is a whole section of rankings which reflect fans' opinions (which is the most important to us at Innouts). You can see and compare the popularity of your club against rivals, broken down stats about your club's fans, and much, much more.

Fan Driven

Built with the purpose of giving football fans the center stage they have always deserved but not received, we are very proud to contribute to this great cause. Football fans can register with their favorite team, rate players, managers and transfers. There are dedicated chat rooms for each football club's supporters to discuss their common love's affairs. Then comes the most amazing experience of having your say in the transfer market for your favorite club.


The ranking section provides a rather comprehensive ranking of teams, players, fans and managers all based on your valuable ratings. We believe no one is in a better position to rate the football world than those who make it exist in the first place. As such we are more than confident that our rankings are the most accurate one out of all there is.


Each day there will be a thought provoking quote from a distinguished figure on the homepage. This is one of our favorite sections and as we don't want out community to be sheer entertainment!


Here at Innouts we very much fit the definition of a community and as such ask for values which bind a community together to be observed by all our valuable members, especially in the chat rooms.

It's All About You

From the very beginning of this project all that was in mind was to produce a work of art that can give the fans what they always have deserved, having a truly major role in football world. For us the fans always have come first and hopefully they will see it in this community.


If you have any queries drop us a line at: contact@innouts.com