Innouts Guide

This page is to help you know what is what in Innouts and provide general help.

Sign and Sell Cards

In each transfer window, a fan of a team, will receive 4 sign and 4 sell cards, which they can use to add players to their sign or sell lists respectively. They can allocate each card to a different player or more than 1 card to a player they think has higher priority. You can edit your choices from your home page by editing the respective list. You will be able to see the 4 players most in demand or on sell list by fans of a club in the page of your team, under the fans innouts tab. The values will be in percentage out of all the respective cards issued (sign or sell).


You don't need to be a fan of any team to rate players, managers, transfers and rumours, but need be registered. You can rate any of the aforementioned entities out of 10 with the minimum being 1 except the rumours which are either up or down voted. A half star would translate into 1 with 10 being 5 stars. To change your previous rating, just refresh the page and rate again, and your rating is updated. To the next of a rating you can see the counter which shows number of people who have rated the entity. Have in mind that transfers are only rateable during their window and until the start of the next window, when they will be archived and no new ratings will be recorded for them. An archived transfer has a reflective icon next to it.


The rankings section offers different rankings which are all self-explanatory and interesting stats. They are all based on YOUR OPINION.

Fan Level

The fan level is a measure of loyalty of a fan which increases by activity in your team's chatroom and overall activity on the website. It starts as 1 for all new members and increases overtime as described. You can see how far you are from the next level on your home page.


We have only considered Uefa Champions League, Uefa Europa League, and each country's league and main cup competitions as major trophies. This was both for practical reasons and also to make comparison between teams across the continent more consistent and fair.


You can change personal, or account settings and favorite team from the settings link which you'll find by logging in and clicking on your name at the top right corner of the navigation bar.

from a team's fans broken down stats, to friend's profiles, there are a lot more to Innouts which we think don't need much explanation and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!